Saturday, June 7, 2008

Private Blogs

If you have a private blog, you can still be added to our list of classmates. You can leave your email address and name in a comment on this post, then people can email you for an invite to your blog. If you know any classmates that have private blogs that aren't on our classmates list, let them know about our blog, because we don't have the access to invite them! Thanks!


Shellyce Keyes said...

I'm a wife a class of 02' I'm starting a blog for them, because there wasn't anything. If you could add us to your site that would be great.

Viewmont High School 2002 said...

The Class of '02 link has changed to If you could change that on your blog that would be great. Thanks!

Ryan Davis said...

I would like to be added to the blog list on the right side of the class of '99 page. My blog page is:


-Ryan Davis

Emily said...

This is Emily Anderson Phelps I would like to be added to the class of 1999 blog page. My blogspot address is private, but my page is.

Emily Phelps

Greg said...

Please add our blog to the list on the right side of the class of '99 page. the address is

Greg Daly

Amy O. said...

Hi, this is Amy Frandsen Orgill, from the class of '99. Our blog is private, but its... If anyone wants to be invited, email me at,

Nat and Adam said...

Adam Miller